Here you can find the answers to some basic questions about our organization.


Q. What does your unit do?

A. We re-create a company of British regulars during the French & Indian War with the objective of entertaining and teaching history to the public through first-person interaction, period correct activities, and well documented reproductions of original clothing & artifacts. We provide historical demos & lectures to schools, colleges and historical facilities. And of course we have lots of fun as well!

Q. Where are you located?

A. We have no set home base. We are currently recruiting from the Mid-West and Eastern United States, but will consider recruits from any part of the country.

Q. What are the rules and regulations of your group? A. Click here for a list of our rules & regs.

Q. Are there any fees or annual dues?

A. We do not require our members to pay fees or annual dues. We may however ask that you pitch in for communal meals at certain events, if you are going to take part in them..
Q. Are women and families allowed to join? A. Women and children are welcome to join, but must be associated with one of the 44th soldiers and must attend events in period attire. Click here for more information.
Q. How much does it cost to put together the uniform and equipment? A. It depends on your resources. Making your own clothes is far cheaper than paying someone to make it, and it depends if you already have some equipment or are new to the hobby. Typically the cost for someone just starting out can run from $1,200 to $2,000. Not all equipment is madatory when you first start, but can be purchased over time. Click here for more information on equipment and where to get it.
Q. Do I have to do any acting? A. It's not required. But many of our members come from a theatrical background and like to develop and portray historical characters.
Q. How many events do you do a year? A. Depending on the year, we may do 2 or 3 major events a year. Some years we may do more or less. Some events may require traveling.
Q. How do I join? A. Click here to visit our recruiting page.



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